Signature Beyond: The Alpha Art Gallery

Signature Beyond: The Alpha Art Gallery   Unknown to many, the Ikoyi Island in the Lagos Metropolis is a hub to one of the oldest flourishing commercial ventures in the world, which is equally thriving in Nigeria, West Africa; that is - dealing in art works or to put it this way- the Business of Art Gallery...... more

Muraina Akeem’s Metal-Morphosis

Muraina Akeem’s Metal-Morphosis Metal scraps are what they are - Scraps; they are used metal pieces cast away by human beings, condemned to whatsoever fate the ecosystem may subject them to. But then steps in another class of human beings who do not disdain these metal junks; and of particular interest are the creative...... more

Ato Arinze: A Master Craftsman

Ato Arinze: A Master Craftsman True artists often come across as simple folks; Ato Arinze did not disappoint. His branch of art which is sculpture and pottery is almost as old as the human existence.And since time immemorial, the use of artifacts as a medium of expression has gathered diverse purpose, relevance and even served as...... more

Arts Teacher Begs Govt. For Better Remunerations

Arts Teacher Begs Govt. For Better Remunerations An artist, Chika Idu, has identified poor motivations and remunerations from the employers of arts teachers as some of the factors affecting their employees’ outputs and dedication to duty. Idu told the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Lagos on Monday that many arts teachers could not put in their best...... more


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Julius Agwu - Crazy Interview Demands




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